Who We Are

Dynamo Kyiv Esports was founded by CNP Esports in partnership with FC Dynamo Kyiv in 2016 as the club esports subdivision.

As early as 2017, Dynamo Kyiv Esports hosted two high-level efootball tournaments in Kyiv. The same year, the efootball team players took part in international tournaments.

In 2018, Dynamo Kyiv Esports is going to continue developing rapidly both in the way it plays and in the way it deals with its fans. The fans are going to witness a new approach to interaction with the team, as well as fascinating tournaments in Kyiv, involving the Dynamo Kyiv Esports players and other stars of the world efootball.

The team has already been scheduled to participate in the world’s strongest tournaments, which would pick the interest of both efootball admirers and progressive FC Dynamo Kyiv fans.

Dynamo Kyiv Esports is carrying on the great football traditions of FC Dynamo Kyiv in the efootball field. Becoming the first eteam among the Ukrainian football clubs and one of the first in the world, Dynamo Kyiv Esports is making the history of efootball.


Our slogan: Win. Win. Party.

Win. Win. Party.

It embodies the inextricable link between sport and entertainment. Game is a vital element for the development of the human brain. When we are playing the game, our intellectual and social abilities develop. Surround the game with strong emotions and interesting elements—and you’ll get Dynamo Kyiv Esports.


Colors: Blue, white, black.

Dynamo Kyiv Esports colors

Blue and white are the colors of FC Dynamo Kyiv, part of which we are. Dynamo Kyiv Esports is proud that it belongs to Dynamo Kyiv; so it will remain true to blue and white.

Black color symbolizes the transformation of the FC Dynamo Kyiv brand into a new dimension. The brand, which became the symbol of all Ukrainian sports and its victories, grows into an engine for the Ukrainian esports development.



логотип Dynamo Kyiv Esports

The Dynamo Kyiv Esports logo continues to demonstrate the transformation of the FC Dynamo Kyiv brand into a rapidly developing esports universe.

In addition to the recognizable symbols of Dynamo Kyiv, the D letter and the rhomb, the logo demonstrates the ease of transformation inherent in esports.