What the UPL can get from esports

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For his column on the Dynamo Kyiv Esports official website, marketer Leon The Alien has estimated the positive prospects of esports in Ukrainian football.

“While esports is rapidly evolving, the UPL stands at the crossroads: to continue its voyage to nowhere or to, finally, determine its movement vector, which will truly benefit all Ukrainian football.

Now, on the one hand there are empty stadiums and catastrophic attendance, while on the other—quite high TV broadcast ratings of the FC Dynamo Kyiv and Dynamo Kyiv Esports’s matches.

As we all know, traditional sports has a fairly mature audience. It can be hard to believe, but a significant part of the current Ukrainian football fans has grown up yet in the Soviet era. Which surely considerably influences the formation of interaction with this audience.

At the same time, esports allows to demonstrate forward movement to a potential younger audience.

1. Young audience. It was excessive “Sovietness” and “country style” that became most evident when Ukrainian football was forced to cut costs significantly. Once a perfectly adequate picture from matches and an atmosphere of pressure not only around the top games left Ukrainian football forever.

Even MLS, with its relatively young target audience, has taken the issue of creating its own esports league very seriously. And it’s not just about a young audience.

2. Emotions. What is being so passionately chased by marketers around the world is available in esports. It is fresh emotions, and not just a young audience, that can become the key to the UPL’s flowering.

For many years, moving forward and feeling of that has helped Ukrainian football to develop, until in the early 2010s the period of stagnation began. It was specifically stagnation, along with other problems, that led Ukrainian football to its current sad state.

While esports, along with real changes in the Ukrainian football itself, can create right emotions for resuming the old course of development. At the same time, not only esports itself will create new emotions, but increased competition as well.

3. The competition process. To date, in Ukrainian football there is Dynamo Kyiv with strong positions not only on the playing field, as well as there are to some extent weakened by the war Shakhtar and Zorya. The remaining clubs have to deal with so many problems that they simply cannot compete with the football clubs listed.

But relatively small for football e-football budgets, as well as the existence in Ukraine of a number of strong enough e-footballers, allow the weaker clubs manifest themselves by starting to compete with big-name rivals.

Moreover, club employees will be able to refresh their view of sports by catching new trends. This will lead to an approach to other aspects of clubs’ existence. It’s exactly what the fans are complaining about right now. And that is exactly what will be useful for Ukrainian clubs under any scenario.

Ukrainian football clubs start to go to esports after FC Dynamo Kyiv, which, together with CNP Esports, organized Dynamo Kyiv Esports in 2016. Of course, the Ukrainian e-football championship under the UPL’s auspices will greatly promote the development of both Ukrainian football and e-football.”